Between Fear and Fortune
by John Holowaty

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This book is for anyone who still has the drive and ambition to create a dream life for themselves and their family.

Between Fear and Fortune helps and inspires you to go further in your network marketing business and achieve your dreams as you inspire someone else to do the same, too.

After years of working on his mindset, John realised that he had to break through fear constantly; it wasn't a one time deal.

John sees fear all the time in network marketing. “I’m skeptical,” usually means “I’m scared or fearful”.

Fearful this may not work out, or they may not be good at it.
People create stories in their minds based on past experiences or someone else’s experience.

The beauty of this life is individuality.

Between fear and fortune will take you on a journey and introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals. You will be able to live your life to the max while being able to wave at someone on their journey, or holding hands on a shared journey. This is what network marketing is all about.


People can sometimes be scared of getting started because this could be another time in their life that they fail.

John says that people aren’t skeptical about your product or your business; they are skeptical about themselves.


John would like for you to define fortune on your own terms. John put the combination of his career and the thousands of people he has worked with over the years under a microscope, he sees fortune consisting of love, health, freedom, time, community, travel, service, substance and assets.

He found a business model and support that changed his life.

And it can change yours too.

If you follow through, use the strategy and do the work.

John will lay out for you the simple system his team still use to this day - as they continue to grow their businesses.


To help you get clear on your truth.

You may initially toe the line between madness and clarity when building a business. By madness, John means the chaos that sometimes comes with learning new things, executing new tasks, pushing yourself beyond limits, the pressure you put on yourself to succeed and get past the noise.

You to need to be truthful and know what you want your business to be for you, not comparing with others.

Create stability - financially and emotionally.

Network marketing can be a huge rollercoaster ride. When the going is excellent, you need the tools and support, along with when the road gets rough.

You risk being ungrounded by the giant 'Ups' and not thinking about your future financially. Which then can go on to affect your mindset and emotions. This book has the tools to support you for the long haul.

Adapt and continually grow

Our life and business landscape can change at the drop of a hat. You need the skills and support system to adapt and work through the changes as and when they happen to create future strategies for your continued freedom and fortune.

Finally, guide you in mentoring others

Take those along for the ride who want to push through their fear and find their fortune.