Is network marketing the perfect business model?

Network marketing has transformed my life so, yes, I’d call it the perfect business model. But business depends on repeatable successful strategies and structures so let me explain what network marketing is, why it works for me and so many others, and how to make it work for you. 

What is network marketing?

To understand network marketing, let’s split it into its two words. ‘Network’ is all about the connections you have and the community you create. ‘Marketing’ is about sharing a solution that you believe in so you can help other people. Those are the two key principles of network marketing. 

You find a product that you believe in and share that with your connections. If it helped you, why wouldn’t you want to share it with other people? 

Then you also share the secondary solution of being an ambassador for that product. We all know people who hate their day jobs or need extra income so you’re offering them a solution to that. As a mentor to the ambassadors you bring to the company, you receive compensation and can build a really strong team around you, boosting your income without direct selling. 

It’s an opportunity to sell a product and an income stream that you believe in. You get to make your living sharing good things and helping others. That’s why it works for so many people including myself. No decent person wants to scheme and trick their way to a 7 figure business. I didn’t have to when using the business model of network marketing. 

How to do network marketing successfully

First, let’s deal with the misconceptions surrounding network marketing so you can understand what’s actually involved. 

It’s not a pyramid scheme – those are illegal!

It’s not a get rich quick scheme – sustainable businesses aren’t built that way.

It’s not for everyone – you need ambition, determination and people skills. 

For the first few years I was making a few hundred pounds a month in my network marketing business and that’s enough for some people. I wanted to maximise my results. It was only when I found the right mentors who shared with me the strategies to grow and sustain success that I saw jaw-dropping success. 

These strategies for success can be summarised in 4 points.

Find your point of view of the product you’re selling

Stories are our most powerful and most natural marketing tools. Generic sales talk won’t inspire potential clients like you want it to. Instead share your personal story of how the product impacted your life. That’s what will get customers excited. 

Hot call potential brand partners

Cold calling someone and trying to convince them to join network marketing doesn’t go down well, trust me. It’s not necessary either. It’s so much easier to talk about the opportunity with people who already know and love the product – your loyal customers. They may have even been thinking about joining as a partner, they just need some encouragement. 

Become a people person

Your business won’t grow unless your community does. Finding new potential customers and brand partners is essential to the success of your business. And you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. Technology is bringing us closer together no matter the location. So building your social media presence and attending online networking events is a must-do. 

Share your wisdom

In network marketing, you’re not a recruiter. You’re a mentor. Simply getting people to sign up isn’t enough. You’ve got to help them succeed too. Using what you’ve learnt growing your business, help them to achieve the same success by teaching them strategies. 

With these 4 elements in place, network marketing is the perfect business model for you. You can make money on your own terms without feeling like you’re selling out or working hard for little pay off. You don’t have to manage inventory, product development, technical backend or any of the boring stuff. You get to show up as yourself and share something you love. What could be more perfect than that?

To identify the next steps in your network marketing journey, whether you’re a beginner or have had your business for a few years, take my quiz Network Marketing Booster. It’s time you made the most of this awesome opportunity!